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Yu-Gi-Oh! - 05x40 The Final Duel (4) Screenshot
05x40 The Final Duel (4)
Aired: Jun. 10, 2006

Yugi tries his best to fend off the attacks from Atem's most powerful trump card the "Dark Magician." Yugi then plays his Spell Card, "Golden … [continue reading]

Series Info
Status: Completed/Ended
Ended: 2006
Network: Cartoon Network
Genre: / anime / action / adventure / fantasy / kids
Type: Scripted
Premiere: Sep. 29, 2001
Runtime: 30 min.
Character Guide
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Yugi Moto  played by Dan Green ImageYugi Moto
Yami Yugi  played by Dan Green ImageYami Yugi
Tristan Taylor  played by Gregory Abbey ImageTristan Taylor
Tea Garnder  played by Amy Birnbaum ImageTea Garnder
Seto Kaiba played by Eric Stuart ImageSeto Kaiba
Max-A-Million Pegasus played by Darren Dunstan ImageMax-A-Million Pe…
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