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Main Characters
Nancy Botwin played by Mary-Louise Parker ImageNancy Botwin
Andy Botwin played by Justin Kirk ImageAndy Botwin
Silas Botwin played by Hunter Parrish ImageSilas Botwin
Shane Botwin played by Alexander Gould ImageShane Botwin
Doug Wilson played by Kevin Nealon ImageDoug Wilson
Celia Hodes played by Elizabeth Perkins ImageCelia Hodes
Conrad Shepard played by Romany Malco ImageConrad Shepard
Isabelle Hodes played by Allie Grant ImageIsabelle Hodes
Dean Hodes played by Andy Milder ImageDean Hodes
Heylia James played by Tonye Patano ImageHeylia James
Esteban Reyes played by Demián Bichir ImageEsteban Reyes
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