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Main Characters
Dr. Venture played by James Urbaniak ImageDr. Venture
Brock Samson played by Patrick Warburton ImageBrock Samson
Dean Venture played by Michael Sinterniklaas ImageDean Venture
Hank Venture played by Christopher McCulloch ImageHank Venture
The Monarch played by Christopher McCulloch ImageThe Monarch
Dr. Girlfriend played by Doc Hammer ImageDr. Girlfriend
Dr. Orpheus played by Steven Rattazzi ImageDr. Orpheus
Triana Orpheus played by Lisa Hammer ImageTriana Orpheus
Henchman 21 played by Doc Hammer ImageHenchman 21
Henchman 24 played by Christopher McCulloch ImageHenchman 24
Master Billy Quizboy played by Doc Hammer ImageMaster Billy Qui…
 ImageBaron Ünderbheit
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