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01x02 Boston vs Islands (Part 2)

First Aired: Oct. 01, 1997
The Challenge - 01x02 Boston vs Islands (Part 2) Screenshot

First aid is administered to Syrus. They wrap his leg and he continues to play in the games. GAME 3: The Box. Five people must stand on a little box at the same time for five seconds , all with at least one foot on the box (none on the ground). Real World wins this one too. The score so far is: $150 for Real World, 0 for Road Rules They all take a lunch break. Kalle talks to all the Real World members about how they're all down to $14 total to live off of for their next mission. Montana and Elka think it's funny that Real World is winning when the Road Rules people are supposedly the rugged ones. Sean wants to give the Road Rules members money, but Kameelah and Genesis don't think they should help out because the Road Rules members never did anything for them. Syrus and Oscar bond about being the outcasts in their respective groups. Jake tries to hit on Elka and Genesis very unsuccessfully. Kalle and Erika laugh at him from the sidelines. Sean says he liked them all. Kalle s

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