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Main Characters
David Brent played by Ricky Gervais ImageDavid Brent
Tim Canterbury played by Martin Freeman ImageTim Canterbury
Gareth Keenan played by Mackenzie Crook ImageGareth Keenan
Dawn Tinsley played by Lucy Davis ImageDawn Tinsley
Chris 'Finchy' Finch played by Ralph Ineson ImageChris 'Finchy' F…
Keith Bishop played by Ewen MacIntosh ImageKeith Bishop
Neil Godwin played by Patrick Baladi ImageNeil Godwin
Rachel played by Stacey Roca ImageRachel
Oliver played by Howard Saddler ImageOliver
Brenda played by Julie Fernandez ImageBrenda
Trudy played by Rachel Isaac ImageTrudy
Ben played by Ben Bradshaw ImageBen
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