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01x13 The Journey

First Aired: Aug. 27, 2009
4.88/5 (8 votes)
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Toby takes Ray to the hospital to meet John Doe, whom Ray recognises as Frank Cardea, the man who brought Toby to Ray 20 years earlier. Due to his Alzheimer's, Frank continues to have trouble remembering, but he does tell Toby that Maya, Toby's mother, sent him. Toby is hit with a distress beacon, catching glimpses of a smashed windshield and a mysterious man, and attempts to learn more about the images in Frank's mind. When Olivia and Oz inform Toby about the mysterious man appearing at the hospital and EMS station, followed by a break-in at Ray's office and the disappearance of Toby's case files, Toby turns to Charlie for assistance. With the mysterious man in pursuit, Toby races to decipher Frank's memories and uncover the truth about his mother.

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