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01x12 My Sister's Keeper

First Aired: Aug. 20, 2009
4.78/5 (9 votes)
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Toby and Oz's paramedic skills are called into question when, whilst trying to save a victim's life, they trample on a crime scene and compromise the evidence. Toby is able to read the thoughts of those giving testimony, including the victim's sister, who claims the accused, a record producer, was responsible for her sister's death. While Toby isn't convinced the victim's sister is telling everything she knows, he gets a telepathic hit from someone sitting in the courtroom gallery. Toby discovers the victim was being watched the night of the murder, and that an eyewitness could be the only hope of finding out what happened and who was responsible. Toby and Oz pick up a John Doe, whom Olivia diagnoses with Alzheimer's disease. Toby is unable to read John Doe's mind for clues to help determine his identity. But he is shocked when he discovers the man may hold a piece of the puzzle to Toby's mysterious past.

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