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01x11 Missing

First Aired: Aug. 06, 2009
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Toby and Oz attend an accident scene to find a victim, Ron, suffering from a head injury. Attempting to find out what happened, Toby reads his mind and sees an image of a beautiful young woman. Upon loading Ron on a stretcher, a handgun falls from the man's coat, along with a photo of a woman - the same woman in Toby's telepathic read. Ron loses consciousness and dies.With the help of Oz, Toby tracks down the woman, who turns out to be the victim's daughter, Lindsay. Lindsay asks if her father's death has anything to do with the four million dollars her father stole. Toby goes to see Charlie but ends up encountering Becker instead and reveals his thoughts concerning Ron's death. Examining a fifteen-year-old case, Charlie and Becker hope Lindsay can provide some insight into the missing loot. Toby, Charlie and Lindsay discover Ron might not have stolen the missing loot after all -- but that someone else close to him did.

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