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01x09 Inside Man

First Aired: Jul. 30, 2009
4.78/5 (9 votes)
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Toby and Oz are called to a crime scene, only to discover two victims, Wade and Wendy Lassiter, lying in a pool of blood. Toby senses someone else is present, and their teenage son, Andy Lassiter, is discovered, hiding and barely alive. Toby is overwhelmed with thoughts and voices, unsure exactly what they mean.With two dead parents and the only witness unable to speak, Charlie asks for Toby's help to use his telepathic ability to explore Andy's mind. Their investigation reveals Andy may suffer from a rare and puzzling mental condition. Charlie and Toby use this unusual circumstance to find out who may be responsible for the death of Andy's parents.Sibling rivalry reconvenes for Olivia when her aggravating sister, Jennifer, arrives in town and Olivia asks Toby and Oz to help provide a distancing barrier between them.

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