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Main Characters
Jim Holden played by Steven Strait ImageJim Holden
Naomi Nagata played by Dominique Tipper ImageNaomi Nagata
Amos Burton played by Wes Chatham ImageAmos Burton
Alex Kamal played by Cas Anvar ImageAlex Kamal
Chrisjen Avasarala played by Shohreh Aghdashloo ImageChrisjen Avasarala
Camina Drummer played by Cara Gee ImageCamina Drummer
Col. Frederick Lucius Johnson played by Chad L. Coleman ImageCol. Frederick L…
Detective Miller played by Thomas Jane ImageDetective Miller
Commander Klaes Ashford played by David Strathairn ImageCommander Klaes …
Anderson Dawes played by Jared Harris ImageAnderson Dawes
Julie Mao played by Florence Faivre ImageJulie Mao
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