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Main Characters
Sheldon Cooper played by Jim Parsons ImageSheldon Cooper
Leonard Hofstadter played by Johnny Galecki ImageLeonard Hofstadter
Penny played by Kaley Cuoco ImagePenny
Howard Wolowitz played by Simon Helberg ImageHoward Wolowitz
Raj Koothrappali played by Kunal Nayyar ImageRaj Koothrappali
Amy Farrah Fowler played by Mayim Bialik ImageAmy Farrah Fowler
Bernadette Rostenkowski played by Melissa Rauch ImageBernadette Roste…
Priya Koothrappali played by Aarti Mann ImagePriya Koothrappali
Leslie Winkle played by Sara Gilbert ImageLeslie Winkle
Stuart played by Kevin Sussman ImageStuart
Barry Kripke played by John Ross Bowie ImageBarry Kripke
Dr. Eric Gablehauser played by Mark Harelik ImageDr. Eric Gableha…
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