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01x03 Episode 3

First Aired: Sep. 02, 2011
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The pressure is on from the very start, as two attractive blondes with very different personalities go head to head on a double date with the eligible bachelor. Both girls pull out all the stops to win Gavin's heart, spending time alone with him under the stars, in one of the South of France’s most romantic locations. But it all goes wrong for one girl, who fails to make the right impression and is sent home. A whole lot more is uncovered in the sexiest date so far, with a leading burlesque dancer on hand to teach the secrets of seduction. Each girl selects a revealing costume and rehearses a sensual dance routine that is guaranteed to get Gav’s heart racing. They must then take to the stage alone and give it their all as they perform their best moves in front of the bachelor. Things take a dramatic turn during the final date, as a revealing game of truth or dare throws up a few surprises. Knowing he has to send one girl home, Gavin calls on the help of one of his oldest friends to help him make the difficult decision. The result comes as a surprise to one girl in particular.

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