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01x02 Episode 2

First Aired: Aug. 26, 2011
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Things start get off to a flying start with an adrenalin filled first date, where eight girls must zip-wire across a terrifying drop, from a cliff face to a secluded rock where Gavin has laid on a romantic picnic for the ladies brave enough to rise to the challenge. But things don’t all go to plan when Gavin and one of the girls are left hanging on the wire hundreds of feet above a stormy sea. Meanwhile, the storm clouds are brewing at the luxury villa where the girls are living. Tension and bitchiness sets in among the girls who have missed out on the adventure, and they are planning how to stand out from the crowd during the two remaining dates. The next date is a sizzling beachwear photoshoot where six of the girls must direct their own steamy photograph with Gavin. The girl who makes the best impression will be given a rose that will keep them safe: a guarantee they don’t get sent home. Gavin struggles to contain himself as the girls are quick to show off their best assets and get hands-on with the sun cream. Who will impress Gavin the most: the steamy Baywatch style shoot, the hands on hula girl, or the dominatrix who take matters into her own hands? One lucky lady gets to have Gavin all to herself on a super romantic date where they have all the fun of the fair to themselves. Will a heartfelt revelation on the big wheel lead to the kiss that seals the deal? Having got to know each of the girls and made genuine connections, Gavin faces the toughest challenge so far: having to end the hopes of two more girls and send them home.

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