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07x01 Tempus Fugit

First Aired: Sep. 13, 2008
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003) - 07x01 Tempus Fugit Screenshot

With the time window repaired, The Turtles and Splinter begin their journey back to the present, only to find they've brought along a stowaway as their old enemy Viral emerges from Serling and takes control of the time window's systems, inadvertently drawing the befuddled servant droid into the vortex also. Determined to exact her revenge, Viral propels the Turtles into a maelstrom of time jumps that throws them into conflicts with ravenous dinosaurs in the distant past, to a war between the armies of two Shredders in the near future. The Turtles must find a means of halting Viral's rampage, but first they must elude their latest formidable opponent...the Cyber-Shredder.

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