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08x01 Season 8, Episode 1

First Aired: Feb. 25, 2020
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The members of covert antiterrorism unit Section 20 – Novin, Wyatt, Mac and Chetri – are reunited by commanding officer Coltrane under the pretense of rescuing Dr. Helen McCluskey, a biochemist who's been taken as a hostage in Kosovo by the Albanian mafia. But as the apparent search-and-rescue escalates, a sinister conspiracy to cover up the development of a weaponized virus unfolds, and S20 must track down the stolen bioweapon before the Albanians use it for profit. The trail leads them to Venice, where mob boss Edon has arranged a meeting with a potential buyer. Meanwhile, Coltrane attempts to extract intelligence from Edon's driver Jovan – whom he's convinced he's met before.

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