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Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital

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Main Characters
Dr. Jesse James played by Ed Begley Jr. ImageDr. Jesse James
Dr. Stegman played by Bruce Davison ImageDr. Stegman
Dr. Hook played by Andrew McCarthy ImageDr. Hook
Peter Rickman played by Jack Coleman ImagePeter Rickman
Mary Jensen played by Jodelle Ferland ImageMary Jensen
Sally Druse played by Diane Ladd ImageSally Druse
Dr. Elmer Traff played by Jamie Harrold ImageDr. Elmer Traff
Otto played by Julian Richings ImageOtto
Nurse Carrie Von Trier played by Lena Georgas ImageNurse Carrie Von…
Natalie Rickman played by Suki Kaiser ImageNatalie Rickman
Dr. Lona Massingale played by Sherry Miller ImageDr. Lona Massing…
Bobby Druse played by Del Pentecost ImageBobby Druse
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