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Main Characters - Page 2
Ba'al played by Cliff Simon ImageBa'al
Chief Mst Sgt. Walter Harriman played by Gary Jones ImageChief Mst Sgt. W…
Sgt. Sylvester 'Sly' Siler played by Dan Shea ImageSgt. Sylvester '…
Jacob Carter played by Carmen Argenziano ImageJacob Carter
Thor played by Michael Shanks ImageThor
Rya'c played by Neil Denis ImageRya'c
Dr. Bill Lee played by Bill Dow ImageDr. Bill Lee
Master Bra'tac played by Tony Amendola ImageMaster Bra'tac
Hathor played by Suanne Braun ImageHathor
Fifth played by G. Patrick Currie ImageFifth
Major Paul Davis played by Colin Cunningham ImageMajor Paul Davis
Colonel Harry Maybourne played by Tom McBeath ImageColonel Harry Ma…
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