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01x25 Conspiracy

First Aired: May. 09, 1988
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Stardate: 41775.5 Captain Picard is asked by an old fiend also a Starfleet Captain to meet with him in secret. At this meeting with his friend, and with a few other officers, they tell Picard there is a possible problem within Starfleet command. Picard thinks they are overstating things, until he later learns his friend’s Starship has exploded for no apparent reason. Data is then tasked to look into any disturbing irregularities in recent Starfleet records, and after reviewing recent communiqués he finds several anomalies. Picard then decides to take Enterprise back to Earth to get some answers. In a twist, Starfleet command welcomes Enterprise’s return and invites Picard and Riker to a dinner in their honor. However, it is a trap. Picard realises this, but can he and Riker, who is to stay onboard to keep an eye on a visiting suspect Admiral, find a way to defeat the trap and save Starfleet and the Federation?

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