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01x20 Heart of Glory

First Aired: Mar. 21, 1988
3.6/5 (5 votes)
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Stardate: 41503.7 Worf struggles between his loyalty to Starfleet and his loyalty to his Klingon brethren when two Klingon fugitives are rescued by the Enterprise from a fatally damaged Talarian ship. Picard puts Worf in charge of the pair, but Picard soon learns from an approaching Klingon vessel that the two are really criminals being sought by that vessel. The two fleeing fugitives now plan to take over the Enterprise and continue on their quest to restore the Klingon Empire to its former glories of battles and conquests. Whether the two will succeed in taking over the ship or be captured comes down to which loyalties will prevail in Worf's subsequent actions .

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