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01x17 When the Bough Breaks

First Aired: Feb. 15, 1988
3.4/5 (5 votes)
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Stardate: 41509.1 An ancient mythical race, which has been able to hide their planet from outsiders, is discovered by accident by the Enterprise. The crew’s awe at finding this race is soon turned to consternation, as the planet’s inhabitants' abduct several of the crew's children. The crew learns that the inhabitants can no longer procreate, and need their children to continue their population. Wesley Crusher, along with the other children, decides to fight their abduction by the inhabitants, while Dr. Crusher soon discovers the answer to the planet’s procreation problem. However, can the crew convince the more technically advanced and powerful race that they have the answer to their dilemma, and get their own children back?

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