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01x16 Too Short a Season

First Aired: Feb. 08, 1988
2.8/5 (5 votes)
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Stardate: 41309.5 After several Federation officials are taken hostage, Enterprise is dispatched to carry a famous, but now elderly, retired Star Fleet negotiator back to the planet where he became famous many years before for negotiating a peaceful settlement to the planet’s civil war. It is hoped that he can work his magic again and get the hostages freed. However, the elderly Admiral begins to show signs of improving health and even signs of growing younger. Soon it becomes apparent that the Admiral has taken drastic measures to not only save the hostages, but to also hide the dark secret of just how he was able to end the planet’s civil war all those many years ago. The measures he has now taken will likely cause his death in a very short period of time maybe even before he can complete his task.

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