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01x15 11001001

First Aired: Feb. 01, 1988
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Stardate: 41365.9 Two pairs of a strange species known as Bi-nars, who rely on direct computer interfaces to communicate with each other are assigned to upgrade the Enterprise’s computer. However, instead they cause the crew to abandon ship by faking a pending loss of warp core containment. They have also set up a diversion in the holodeck to keep Riker onboard and unaware of the situation. Picard, who had stopped by the holodeck, is also left onboard, unaware. The space station holding Enterprise for the upgrade sends Enterprise on an automatic course away from the station, to prevent the destruction of the station as well. The Bynars proceed to take the Enterprise to their own home world, which is in critical need of Enterprise’s computer in hopes of saving their race from extinction. Picard and Riker turn out to be the key to whether the Bynars succeed or not.

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