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01x10 Hide and Q

First Aired: Nov. 23, 1987
3.17/5 (6 votes)
Star Trek: The Next Generation - 01x10 Hide and Q Screenshot

Stardate: 41590.5 While the Enterprise is on a critical rescue mission, the “Q” entity reappears and decides to whisk the senior crew off the ship to play in a deadly war game against strange monsters in French military uniforms which he has created. Then, in a twist, “Q” offers Cmdr. Riker a chance to end the game by accepting “Q.” like powers. Against Capt. Picard’s orders, Riker agrees, and transports everyone back to Enterprise. However, Riker soon finds his new powers are corrupting his judgment, as he tries to live his normal life aboard the ship. The problem escalates when Enterprise reaches the planet of the otiginal rescue mission.

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