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01x09 The Battle

First Aired: Nov. 16, 1987
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Stardate 41723.9 A Ferengi Captain, Daimon Bok, offers to return the Starfleet vessel Stargazer, the ship which was Capt. Picard's first command which has been lost for many years. Strangely, Bok asks for no compensation for the vessel which Capt. Picard had abandoned during the battle of Maxia. However, Bok’s ulterior motive is revenge on Picard for the death of his son during that battle. Bok tells the crew that the Stargazer’s log show that Picard really fired on an unarmed Ferengi ship in the famous “Battle of Maxia.” Bok uses a proscribed mind control device to gain vengence on Picard. It seems Ryker must destroy the Stargazer, with Picard on board it, to save the Enterprise. But will he?

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