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01x03 The Naked Now

First Aired: Oct. 05, 1987
3.86/5 (7 votes)
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Stardate: 41209.2 When the Enterprise is ordered to investigate what has happened to the Starship Tsiolkovsky, they find everyone dead due to bizarre incidents. Later they realize that the away team has brought back the contaminant that killed the Tsiolkovsky crew, which is past on by skin contact. Although similar to the effects that once affected the crew of the Enterprise NCC 1701 decades before, that cure isn’t effective in this case. This Enterprise the NCC 1701D faces the same fate as that faced by the Enterprise NCC 1701, unless they too can find the cure to the contaminant. To make matters worse, the star the Tsiolkovsky was studying is about to go super nova, and Wesley Crusher, affected by the contaminant, disables the ships engines, leaving the ship in the path of the destructive force of a super nova.

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