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Star Trek: Enterprise - 04x22 These are the Voyages... Screenshot
04x22 These are the Voyages...
Aired: May. 13, 2005

- About 200 years in the future, Commander William Riker of the starship Enterprise NCC-1701-D looks back at a historical event in the holodeck, … [continue reading]

Series Info
Status: Completed/Ended
Ended: 2005
Network: UPN
Genre: / sci-fi / drama / adventure / alien / action / family / fantasy / thriller
Type: Scripted
Premiere: Sep. 26, 2001
Runtime: 60 min.
Character Guide
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NX - 01 USS.Enterprise played by  ImageNX - 01 USS.Ente…
Captain Jonathan Archer (later Admiral) played by Scott Bakula ImageCaptain Jonathan…
Porthos played by  ImagePorthos
Sub-Commander T'Pol (later Commander) played by Jolene Blalock ImageSub-Commander T'…
Dr. Phlox played by John Billingsley ImageDr. Phlox
Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III played by Connor Trinneer ImageCommander Charle…
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