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TV Movie: Where I end and Where We Start

First Aired: Jun. 08, 2018
4.18/5 (11 votes)
Sense8 - TV Movie: Where I end and Where We Start Screenshot

Many familiar faces return and contribute to the story in various important and hilarious ways. First and foremost it picks up almost immediately after the season two finale and we see Wulfgang's story unfold. An unexpected layer to his story gets revealed with some terrifying flashbacks. Max Riemelt was outstnding throughout the hour. He gave himself troughout physically and emotionally and it was obvious on screen. Where is a Wulfgang, there is our girl Kala as well. Kala's story within this special takes some awkward twists as her husband joins the crew in Paris and things get awkward AF. The resolution is even more awkward but in a fashion the stroy unfolds in a surprising way. Series Finale.

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