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Main Characters
Dr. Alex Reid played by Erica Durance ImageDr. Alex Reid
Dr. Charlie Harris played by Michael Shanks ImageDr. Charlie Harris
Dr. Maggie Lin played by Julia Taylor Ross ImageDr. Maggie Lin
Dr. Zachary Miller played by Benjamin Ayres ImageDr. Zachary Miller
Dr. Dawn Bell played by Michelle Nolden ImageDr. Dawn Bell
Dr. Dana Kinny played by Wendy Crewson ImageDr. Dana Kinny
Dr. Shahir Hamza played by Huse Madhavji ImageDr. Shahir Hamza
Dr. Cassie Williams played by Kim Shaw ImageDr. Cassie Willi…
Dr. Joel Goran played by Daniel Gillies ImageDr. Joel Goran
Gavin Murphy played by Kristopher Turner ImageGavin Murphy
Dr. Melanda Tolliver played by Glenda Braganza ImageDr. Melanda Toll…
Nurse Victor Reis played by Salvatore Antonio ImageNurse Victor Reis
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