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08x11 Rick Moranis, Dave Thomas/The Bus Boys

First Aired: Jan. 29, 1983
Saturday Night Live - 08x11 Rick Moranis, Dave Thomas/The Bus Boys Screenshot

Live from New York, it's... Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas! Sketches include "Bob Hope's Super Bowl Party," "The McKenzies in NYC" (film), "Whiners Held Hostage," "I'll Be the Judge of That," "Guy Talk," "Gerry Todd's Fine China Dish," "Hell Bent for Glory," "Hitchcock Hygiene" (film), "Ed McMahon for Rent," "Five Minutes to Reflect," "Ronco Biological Watch," and "Don't Hitchhike." The Bus Boys perform "The Boys Are Back In Town" (with Eddie Murphy) and "New Shoes."

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