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Police Squad!

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Main Characters
Det. Frank Drebin played by Leslie Nielsen ImageDet. Frank Drebin
Capt. Ed Hocken played by Alan North ImageCapt. Ed Hocken
Ted Olson played by Ed Williams ImageTed Olson
Norberg played by Peter Lupus ImageNorberg
Johnny the Snitch played by William Duell ImageJohnny the Snitch
Abraham Lincoln played by Rex Hamilton ImageAbraham Lincoln
Mary played by Tessa Richarde ImageMary
William Shatner played by William Shatner ImageWilliam Shatner
William Conrad played by William Conrad ImageWilliam Conrad
Tommy Lasorda played by Tommy Lasorda ImageTommy Lasorda
Poker player played by Tony Sirico ImagePoker player
Coroner played by Wayne Winton ImageCoroner
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