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Main Characters
Nina Proudman played by Asher Keddie ImageNina Proudman
Billie Proudman played by Kat Stewart ImageBillie Proudman
Chris Havel played by Don Hany ImageChris Havel
Cherie Butterfield  played by Deborah Mailman ImageCherie Butterfie…
Darcy Proudman played by John Waters ImageDarcy Proudman
Mick Holland played by Eddie Perfect ImageMick Holland
Geraldine Proudman played by Linda Cropper ImageGeraldine Proudman
Jimmy Proudman played by Richard Davies ImageJimmy Proudman
Eloise Ward played by Caren Pistorius ImageEloise Ward
Kim Akerholt played by Alicia Gardiner ImageKim Akerholt
Lawrence Pethbridge played by Ido Drent ImageLawrence Pethbri…
Dr. Martin Clegg played by Lachy Hulme ImageDr. Martin Clegg
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