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40x06 Penguins: Meet the Family

First Aired: Feb. 09, 2022
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NATURE "Penguins: Meet The Family" is a unique celebration of one of Earth’s most iconic and beloved birds, featuring all 18 species of penguins for the first time, from New Zealand, Cape Town, the Galapagos Islands and Antarctica. Witness the perils penguins face for survival, from rock climbing to extreme temperatures to predators. Meet the penguins that seem out of place, making their living in dense forests, desert islands and even city streets. Watch how these creatures parent and form lifelong bonds. Discover how scientists identified 37 new colonies of Emperor penguins in Antarctica without even traveling to the continent. Experience penguins’ heart-warming family dynamics, like chicks bonding with their fathers, alongside astonishing adaptations and behaviors unique to these aquatic birds.

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