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03x04 Top 18 Compete

First Aired: Jun. 12, 2012
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The eighteen amateur chefs begin the days competition with a mystery box. The chefs are given a Duck breast and other ingredients from which they must create a stunning entree for the judges. After the mystery box challenge the judges announce a rule change, that is the judges can dismiss a competitor at any time. A winner of the mystery box challenge is selected and as usual is then taken to the pantry and given the option of selecting what will be cooked in the elimination contest. The theme for this elimination is the judges most challenging entrees. For Joe Bastianich it is Risotto, for Graham Eliot it is New England Clam Chowder, and for Gordon Ramsey it is, of course, Beef Wellington. A selection is made by the winner of the Mystery Box challenge and the contestants race to make a dish acceptable to the three judges. Winning dishes are chosen by the judges setting the stage for the next days competition and a losing contestant is sent home.

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