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02x13 Top 9 Compete

First Aired: Jul. 26, 2011
4.5/5 (2 votes)
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The nine contestants gather in the Masterchef kitchen for the mystery box challenge and are presented with three beautiful scallops in the shell, an assortment of vegetables, eggs, and brandy inside. They have sixty minutes to prepare a tasty dish for the judges using only those ingredients. The winner of the challenge is selected and is given a huge advantage in the elimination challenge. The winner of the mystery box challenge is allowed to select from nine different pork cuts for each contestant to prepare a dish from. As would be expected the choices are made so that the most difficult cuts are given to the mystery box challenge winner's greatest competition and the easier cuts are selected for the least challenging competitors, or at least that is what the winner of the mystery box challenge thought. The contestants each cooked their selected cuts of pork and two winners of the best plates were selected. A loser was selected from three awful plates and sent home.

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