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02x11 Top 11 Compete

First Aired: Jul. 18, 2011
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The eleven remaining chefs begin with a mystery box challenge. The chefs are presented with the usual mystery box and there is a second huge mystery box in front of the three judges. In the small mystery box is an array of fruits, vegetable, and pasta, in the large mystery box is the protein, large four pound lobsters. As usual the chefs must create their dish from only the items in the myctery boxes. A winner is selected and is then allowed an advanbtage in the elimination round. In the Master Chef Pantry the winner is given the choice of one of three aphrodesiacs for everyone to cook from, Oysters, Artichokes, or a five hundred dollar Truffle. A selection is made and then in their usual fashion the judges present a twist, they offer the winner of the mystery box challenge the choice of either participating in the round or heading upstairs with a bottle of champagne. The contestents then proceed to create their dishes in the alloted time with varying degrees of sucess and maybe failure. The chefs with the two best dishes are selected and one contestant is sent home.

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