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02x09 Top 13 Compete

First Aired: Jul. 05, 2011
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The thirteen chefs begin the day with a mystery box challenge that requires them to create a vegetable dish. A winner is selected from the pack and as usual is allowed an advantage over the other chefs in the elimination round. In the pantry, the quickfire challenge winner meets last years Masterchef winner, Whitney Miller, where three entrees from Whitney's new cookbook Modern Hospitatility: Simple Recipes With a Southern Charm is displayed. A selection of one of the three entrees must be made by the quickfire winner for all of the contestants to replicate. The winner of the quickfire challenge is given an additional advantage over the rest of the chefs in that she is given a basket of the ingredients from which she can make her dish. The other twelve contestants must use all of their senses to identify the ingredients in the dish and recreate it. The dish is Crispy Catfish, Cole Slaw, Fried Sweet Potato and a Creamy Tartar Sauce. The two winners of the elimination challenge will be next weeks team captains, and one chef is sent home.

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