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02x08 Top 14 Compete

First Aired: Jun. 28, 2011
4.5/5 (2 votes)
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Fourteen Chefs compete. The quickfire challenge takes the chefs to Point Magoo, California, where they are divided into two teams. Team leaders Tracy and Esther lead their respective teams in cooking Hearty Sausage Sandwiches for one hundred and one motorcycle bikers who will vote for their favorite sandwich. The team with the most votes wins. Both teams encounter critical problems that could cost them votes. One team overcomes their problem the other does not fair so well. In the elimination challenge the judges surprise the contestants by only allowing two chefs to fight it out for survival. The Team Captain must choose who competes. A selection is made and the two lone contestants are told to cook three fillet of steaks at three tempretures, rare, medium, and well done. The contestant who comes closest stays in, and one chef goes home.

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