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03x15 See You In A Decade

First Aired: Nov. 15, 2006
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Despite a drama-filled year of hookups, breakups, and trash-talking, the Laguna Beach crew has made it to another summer. But this year, the end of school doesn't signal all fun and games -- with half the group going off to college or rocking it out in LA, it's time to settle old feuds and say goodbye to good friends. While Kyndra and Cami have an 'intense' game of tennis where the net sees more action than Cami's serve, Cameron goes board shopping with Nick W. and stops by Kelan's to hang out and reminisce with the guys. At Alex's house, Rocky surprises him with a new iPod while he throws on his cap and gown. On the big night, Kyndra, Cami, and Cameron head off to watch the senior guys graduate. Kyndra sparks some controversy with Cameron when she tells him he better stand up and cheer, and an offended Cameron calls her out for not even hanging out with his boys on a regular basis. When Derek and Cameron scarf down some pizza the next day, Cameron explains his beef with Kyndra and concern about throwing an end-of-year BBQ with her.

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