Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County TV Show

Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County

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Main Characters
Tessa Keller played by Tessa Keller ImageTessa Keller
Chase Johnson played by Chase Johnson ImageChase Johnson
Raquel Donatelli played by Raquel Donatelli ImageRaquel Donatelli
Cameron Brinkman played by Cameron Brinkman ImageCameron Brinkman
Kyndra Mayo played by Kyndra Mayo ImageKyndra Mayo
Cami Edwards played by Cami Edwards ImageCami Edwards
Lexie Contursi played by Lexie Contursi ImageLexie Contursi
Kelan Hurley played by Kelan Hurley ImageKelan Hurley
Breanna Conrad played by Breanna Conrad ImageBreanna Conrad
Stephen Colletti played by Stephen Colletti ImageStephen Colletti
Jessica Smith played by Jessica Smith ImageJessica Smith
Kristin Cavallari played by Kristin Cavallari ImageKristin Cavallari
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