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Main Characters
Dr. Gregory House played by Hugh Laurie ImageDr. Gregory House
Dr. Allison Cameron played by Jennifer Morrison ImageDr. Allison Came…
Dr. Eric Foreman played by Omar Epps ImageDr. Eric Foreman
Dr. Robert Chase played by Jesse Spencer ImageDr. Robert Chase
Dr. Lisa Cuddy played by Lisa Edelstein ImageDr. Lisa Cuddy
Dr. James Wilson played by Robert Sean Leonard ImageDr. James Wilson
Dr. Jessica Adams played by Odette Annable ImageDr. Jessica Adams
Dr. Chi Park played by Charlyne Yi ImageDr. Chi Park
Dr. Remy 'Thirteen' Hadley played by Olivia Wilde ImageDr. Remy 'Thirte…
Dr. Chris Taub played by Peter Jacobson ImageDr. Chris Taub
Martha Masters played by Amber Tamblyn ImageMartha Masters
Dr. Lawrence Kutner played by Kal Penn ImageDr. Lawrence Kut…
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