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08x52 Moondance

First Aired: Oct. 17, 2006
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Connie has gone to Liberte, in Switzerland, with Gina while Elliot remains in Holby unaware of what his wife is intending to do. However, as the time draws nearer, Gina admits to Connie that she wishes Elliot was with her. Connie tells her she has already called him and he is on his way. When Elliot arrives, he is desperate to change her mind but she remains adamant with her decision and asks him to respect it. The couple spend the last few hours reminiscing about old times before emotionally in Elliot’s arms, Gina drinks a lethal cocktail of drugs which ends her life. As Elliot and Connie talk after Gina’s death, we learn that Connie is pregnant. Back in Holby, when Bradley comes back to collect the last of his belongings, Reg confronts him about the drugs scam and when he dumps Donna, she finally realises what he is really like and punches him. Reg feels it now time to say how he feels about her – she says she already knows but wants them to be just friends. Reg is deflated. Elsewhere, a patient, Billy, comes in with a tear to his aorta. His pregnant wife doesn’t know he was chucked out of the army following an addicition to cocaine – which he used to cope with the stress during his time in Iraq. Joseph, who treats him, sees how his own life could be affected by his actions.

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