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09x45 Old Wounds

First Aired: Aug. 21, 2007
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Louise is trying to recruit patients for her stent trial and Clifford is keen to offer his assistance. Connie, however, refuses to help, on the grounds that Dan was trying to steal the attention of some visiting students. Meanwhile, Kyla is asked to keep an eye on Derek, whose sister has just died, and who’s now looking after his newborn nephew. But Kyla is distressed by the fact that she no longer has her son. Mark approaches Donna to ask if she would like to go bowling. Teasing, Donna suggests that his usual source of entertainment is more ‘A-Class’. Elsewhere, Cassie is pregnant, and having contractions and she also has a tear in her artery; Anthony has Down’s Syndrome and following a previous accident with bleach, he now has Esophageal stenosis; and Ray has coronary artery disease, and is impatient waiting for the operation.

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