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09x40 The Long and Winding Road

First Aired: Jul. 17, 2007
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Anton arrives with his sick father, David, who asks Chrissie and Sam not to tell his son how serious his cancer is. Hearing Anton making plans with him, though, Chrissie feels compelled to tell the truth. Anton is furious and hits Sam, who Chrissie defends, saying he was acting professionally. When Anton’s dad dies suddenly he takes his grief and anger out on Chrissie and publicly dumps her. Meanwhile, Dan tries to persuade a drunk Alex to give Louise some space while desperately trying to dissuade her from telling him about the abortion. When the pair bump into each other Dan is forced to leave them alone and is later surprised to find they have reconciled. Thandie has to attend the racism tribunal against Elliot, who is preoccupied with his missing son James. When Elliot leaves the tribunal early Ric confronts him only to find he was taking a call from the police about his son. Back on the wards Ric feels unnerved by his colleagues’ attitude towards Thandie. But when she fails to see when patient, Monty, is suffering a perforated ulcer until he collapses it fuels staff’s claims further. Ric has a showdown with Abra, who labels Thandie incompetent and problematic. And later he watches sadly as his colleagues take Elliot out for a drink without them.

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