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09x21 The Borders of Sleep

First Aired: Mar. 06, 2007
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Joseph asks Jac to go on a walking holiday with him – she’s not impressed. Jac scores brownie points with Lord Byrne when she offers to treat a former patient, Bruno, that he has shown a keen interest in. But when she discovers that Joseph has requested that another doctor take over, Jac tells Lola that she will continue to treat the patient and orders Joseph to stop interfering in her professional life. Realising she doesn’t need Joseph anymore, she tells him it’s over however when Lord Byrne tells her how pleased he is of their relationship, she decides to carry on her relationship with Joseph. Meanwhile, Jac shares an emotional moment with Bruno as he dies from cancer. Tom Gibson is back in the department claiming to have fallen down some stairs and Harvey is determined to build a case. Harvey has been staying at a hotel and he begs Kyla to take him back but she refuses. When Kyla tells Harvey that Tom’s situation is a case of the abused turning on the abuser, Harvey’s grateful and thanks Kyla for her help. Later, Kyla sees things getting heated between Harvey and Tom, and intervenes, telling Harvey to back off. But when Tom suggests that Harvey is a paedophile, he sees red and pushes him off the bed causing his condition to deteriorate. Lola is furious and plans to report Harvey however Kyla decides to stand by Harvey and claim she saw nothing. Also, Sam starts to tell Faye about the ‘Jade’ situation and she suggests they go for a drink after work. At the bar, Sam attempts to take things further with Faye but she rebuffs him. Later Maddy enters and the pair get hideously drunk together and end up kissing. A woman, Danni, is brought in after being hit by a car. A man, Jem, is with her and claims to be her sister’s boyfriend. Danni, who had been clubbing, suffers a damaged lung but has no memory of the incident and is suffering flashbacks. Faye plays music to help jog her memory which reveals Jem to having tried to attack her.

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