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09x07 It's Been a Long Day

First Aired: Nov. 28, 2006
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New Consultant Dan Clifford joins Holby and causes a stir amongst the staff. He examines Pete Golding, the kidney transplant case, and a worried Abra tries to cover his tracks. Dan tells Abra he left his last role due to personal reasons, and all is later revealed when his jilted fiancee arrives at the hospital to confront him. Sam continues to be involved in patient Jade’s case but Connie is annoyed that she hasn’t been discharged yet. During a heated argument Connie reveals to a shocked Sam that she is pregnant. New Student Nurse Maria Kendall turns up late for her first shift. Maria becomes emotional when he witnesses her first patient death; Paul Galvin with heart disease. Elsewhere, Jac asks Joseph out for a drink to keep up appearances. However, Martha comes over and begs Joseph for help to get through to Elliot. The pair take Elliot home for the first time since Gina’s death. A woman, Laurel, is brought in with an inflammed appendix. The team discover her two children hiding in the department and when Laurel is adamant Social Services not be involved, Diane becomes suspicious.

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