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09x06 The Unforgiven

First Aired: Nov. 21, 2006
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Tricia is left seriously injured following the car crash and police take Mark in to the station when he fails a breathaliser. When he finally makes it to the hospital, Tricia is still critical but she wakes briefly to have an emotional moment with Chrissie before deteriorating further. Diane breaks the news that she is brain damaged. Mark is still determined that she be kept alive but Chrissie says they must let her go and they emotionally turn her life support machine off. The other driver of the crash is brought in with a wrist fracture and cracked ribs. It turns out he was speeding after driving away in a stolen car from a robbery. Meanwhile, Sam becomes suspicious when Jade’s medical notes appear to be wrong. He turns detective to try to find out the truth and manages to get Jade into theatre, without Connie realising the full truth. Elsewhere, Lola almost catches Matt in a passionate clinch with Nikki. He panics and tells her that having a fling with a patient is against the rules. Nikki is upset and storms off without taking her prescription from him.

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