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09x05 One for My Baby

First Aired: Nov. 14, 2006
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When Tricia is pushed in the hospital grounds by a thief, making her abdomen scar bleed, Chrissie discovers that Tricia has kept her cancer returning secret from her. She is angry with her mother and the pair stubbornly refuses to make amends before Tricia and Mark head off on honeymoon. However, Chrissie eventually agrees to surprise Tricia at the airport to make amends. Tricia and Mark celebrate their honeymoon with a few glasses of champagne before heading off, but as Tricia decides to try and call Chrissie on her mobile, driver Mark is distracted and they crash. Elsewhere, teenager Jade, is admitted with a heart condition. She has hepatitis c and Sam is suspicious of the man with her, who is claiming to be her dad. Sam becomes emotionally involved in her case and learns she is a prostitute and the man is infact her pimp. He begs Connie to operate on her. Worried about the consequences for his career, Matt tells Nikki he can no longer treat her. However she gets upset and when he comforts her, it’s not long before they are kissing again. But he fails to give her a prescription. Matt also treats an elderly widowed man, Ronald, who has minor injuries after a car accident. Matt questions Ronald about his depression which he later learns is not about his late wife but his fears that he won’t be able to drive anymore because of a previous hand tremor. A woman, Becky, currently in the process of IVF has held off having chemo for a tumour. It becomes a race against time for her to have her eggs taken out before she perforates her bowel. Meanwhile friction is caused between her mother and boyfriend, Shane. And when she angrily discovers Shane already has a child, she still asks him to help make her eggs into embryos to give her more chance of having children in future.

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