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09x01 Before a Fall

First Aired: Oct. 24, 2006
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The Holby team takes part in an emergency drill to see how they would cope in the event of a terrorist attack. Diane comes to help but may have a hidden agenda of her own. Joseph struggles to cope with the pressure of the drill, with disastrous consequences when he collapses after an accidental overdose. Jac finds him and promises she won’t tell anyone. However she tries to use the situation to her advantage by telling his father, Lord Byrne, but her plan backfires when Lord Byrne offers Diane a new post and she alienates Joseph in the process, when he finds out. Mark discovers that a risky operation could save Tricia and asks Diane to help. Diane manages to pull strings and the operation is agreed. Meanwhile, Connie worries about how Elliot is coping after Gina’s death when he immerses himself in work. Whilst Abra makes a confession to a shocked Ric about the pig’s kidney operation. He is furious at being unintentionally dragged into his deceit. Visually-impaired Richard Price-Thomas, who has vascular disease is brought in after a fall at the docks. He has a DNR but his wife fails to believe he attempted suicide. He is eventually persuaded to have an operation. A mother, Siobhan, tries to hide her bowel condition from her daughter, Mel, as she doesn’t want to be a burden on her whilst a man, Ian, who took part in the exercise, is taken ill for real following an allergic reaction.

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