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07x27 It's Kinda Rock 'n' Roll

First Aired: Apr. 19, 2005
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Holby Chief Executive Peter calls an emergency meeting with Connie, in order to force her resignation. He tells her Zubin will be presenting a case against her to the board. Acting Chairman, Michael, heads the emergency meeting. Outside Connie manipulates Zubin by planting the seed that he should speak to Jess. He rushes off and does not stay for the meeting. Peter says he recommends Connie resign and that he is not happy that Zubin is not present. Michael puts the motion to a vote and Peter’s colleague Jo who said she would back him votes against the resignation. Peter is out numbered and is forced to resign. Michael announces that Jo will be the new CEO – he got her on side by promising her the job. As the others leave the boardroom Michael talks to his wife – Connie. Owen tells Mickie she should take time off until she gets over Will’s death. Mickie says that she would rather be at work to take her mind off things. Later, Mickie interferes with Lizzie’s treatment when she suggests a risky caesarean to save both babies after Lizzie discovers she has twin to twin syndrome, where one baby is not receiving enough nutrients. Before the operation is to go ahead, Lizzie suffers pains – one baby has already died and Owen speedily delivers the other healthy twin. It’s clear, however, that Mickie is still traumatised about Will’s death.Mark tells Chrissie he cannot meet her that night. He says he wants to take things slowly and does not think he can give her what she wants. Chrissie storms off. Mark goes out with Lisa for a drink instead. Zubin tells Jess he is glad she is not rushing into marriage with Sean. She tells him this is none of his business and goes to tell Sean she will accept his proposal. Sean is elated and breaks the news to Ric who says they will have celebratory drinks in the bar that night. Zubin is shocked and speaks to Sean alone, attempting to put him off the marriage. Sean realises that Zubin is the father and warns him to stay away from Jess. Later, Zubin misses his meeting to convince Jess he loves her but she is not interested. Ric collects Zubin to take him for celebratory drinks. Zubin tells Ric he needs to talk to him and finally admits the truth that Jess is carrying his child – Ric is furious at being the last to know again and hits Zubin.

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