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07x22 Total Recall

First Aired: Mar. 15, 2005
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Mickie tells Connie she has agreed to be mentored by Will from now on and she shadows him throughout the day. That night, Mickie sees Jodie is struggling behind the bar and offers to help her. Jodie starts to get breathless and feverish and Mickie convinces her to go to the hospital. As a favour Will examines Jodie, but she is cagey about her symptoms and refuses to have an x-ray. She tells Will she recognises him from the article in the paper and asks if he is a war hero. Jodie insists that she feels better but Mickie persuades her to come back to her place so she can keep an eye on her. Back home they flirt and end up kissing. Tricia is annoyed to learn she is working with Mark. Chrissie warns her to behave professionally towards him but the pair bicker throughout the day. At the stag do Mark and Tricia talk and make-up, Tricia makes him promise not to hurt Chrissie. Mubbs is meant to be organising the stag do but has done nothing, Mark offers to take over. Diane is suffering from pre-wedding nerves, at the last minute she decides to invite Chrissie along. Diane had not planned a hen night but Tricia convinces her to have drinks in the bar. The girls draw lots and have to dress as eachother, Diane gets Donna’s name so dresses in a skimpy nurses uniform. The boys put a plaster cast onto Owen’s arm. The girls go to the bar only to find the stag do happening there too. Diane gets drunk and Ric offers to take up home. Back at her place she opens up to him about her concerns about Owen and Chrissie – they kiss. Diane apologises but Ric shrugs it off as being a drunken mistake. Elsewhere, Chrissie finds Owen outside the bar chained to a statue – she frees him. Owen tells her he needs to go to his office to collect the rings so Chrissie says she will come with him and remove his cast. They talk about their relationship and Owen apologises for the way he treated her. The pair end up in a steamy clinch on his desk.

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